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This is not a total listing of side results as well as others might occur. Call your medical professional for medical insight regarding adverse effects. You could state adverse effects to FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.

Some drugs can make Yasmin less effective, which might result in maternity. Other drugs could be affected by Yasmin. Prior to utilizing this drug, tell your medical professional concerning all the prescription as well as over the counter medications you utilize. This includes vitamins, minerals, herbal products, and medicines suggested by various other physicians. Do not start using a new drug without telling your medical professional.

Note: This web page includes side impacts information for the universal medication drospirenone/ ethinyl estradiol. It is feasible that several of the dose types included below may not put on the trademark name Yasmin.

It is possible that some negative effects of Yasmin could not have actually been reported. These could be stated to the FDA below. Consistently get in touch with a medical care expert for medical recommendations.

Some drospirenone/ ethinyl estradiol negative effects could not need any kind of medical attention. As your physical body acquires used to the medicine these negative effects might vanish. Your health care expert could be able to help you protect against or lessen these negative effects, yet do check regarding them if any of the adhering to adverse effects continue, or if you are worried concerning them.

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